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In a world where beauty is defined by silicone and chemistry, and health defined by drugs and medicine, it has been our passion to whether this is the only path to staying healthy, fit and beautiful?!

We are Branimira Buchheit and Melody Soltani. In our friendship, which began at a Frankfurt University in 2014, we found a passion for natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle early on. From our mutual enthusiasm, our devotion grew over the years and led us to a journey questioning how beauty and health can be naturally combined and strengthened. Even work and studies could not deter our quest.

Night after night we searched for the answers to these questions. How can we provide a path to a healthy lifestyle? How can we rescue our unbalanced and depleted skin from stress and daily pressures in a natural and sustainable way? Determined to find an answer, one that would reinvigorate our soul and bring the joy and delight to our life, our journey took us into the pristine nature of New Zealand!

New Zealand, a small, and ecologically sustainable country, deeply touched our innermost being with its unique flora and fauna, mountainous landscapes, flowering plants and distinctive beauty. On this extraordinary island, we found the answers to all our questions. We discovered products that combine beauty and health from the untouched nature of New Zealand:

  • Legendary Manuka honey sourced from the supplier of the highest rated *UMF Manuka honey in the world - The True Honey Co. - as a natural companion for your immune system and your health! 
  • From a land full of natural secrets, botanical skincare products from Evolu NZ Ltd. should be your personal beauty secret. "As natural as possible", these products are remarkably free of synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives.

Drawing on a wealth of botanical expertise, modern scientific research and an abundance of supporting natural ingredients, our 100% natural products are a complete alternative to chemical and synthetic articles.

We believe nature is the purest creation. Creation is wisdom and energy from which we draw beauty and health. We promise to balance effectiveness with best ethical practices. We promise to always do the best for your health and your beauty; to enhance, protect and nourish it. "

Let yourself be inspired by the uniqueness of New Zealand and let us share our secret to a healthier and happier life of beauty.
NZfy me (en-zee-fie-me) – New Zealand’s Natural Inspiration!

*For more info about UMF rating system click here.