NZfy me (en-zi-fai-mi)
Pure perfection for those devoted to wellbeing and health!
We think nature is the purest form of creation. Creation is ancient wisdom and energy from which we draw health and well-being.
In a world where beauty is defined by silicones and chemistry and our health defined by the number of medicines we take, we questioned if this was the only possible way to stay healthy, fit, and beautiful. Our aspiration and passion was to prove the opposite.
We, the whole team at NZfyme, found a passion for a natural and healthy lifestyle early. Over the years, our shared enthusiasm grew into a passion that led us to embark on a journey to discover how luxury lifestyle and healthy living can be naturally reconciled.
This journey took us into the untouched nature of New Zealand... this distant and ecologically sustainable country, touches and inspires us deeply with its unique flora and fauna, mountainous landscapes, flowering plants, and unmistakable, breathtaking beauty.
And there, on this extraordinary island, we found the answer to our question.
We discovered products that combine a luxurious lifestyle and a healthy, conscious diet and come from the nature of New Zealand.
NZfyme is a German company specializing in the distribution of premium products from New Zealand. We are the exclusive partner of "The True Honey Co." Manuka Honey - the manufacturer of the highest rated UMF Manuka Honey in the world!
NZfyme, your premier source for premium New Zealand products...