EVOLU Master of active botanicals since 1997

Evolu- Master of active botanicals since 1997.

All products from Evolu are made in harmony with nature. According to the motto “As natural as possible”, they are basically free of synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives and contain neither mineral oils nor silicones, parabens or PEG. The ingredients are from controlled organic quality. A large part of it comes from biodynamic cultivation in New Zealand, partly from our own medicinal herb garden.

"Nature is loaded with an energy that I cannot get enough of". Kati Kasza.

Every single Evolu natural cosmetic product is carefully developed and tested by our team. Each ingredient is carefully selected and harmonizes with the rest in the best possible way. A wonderful experience for your skin.

Our products are guaranteed not to be tested on animals. Most of our products are vegan-friendly, those for which Manuka honey or beeswax was used correspond to the description “bee-friendly. We avoid hard alcohols and salicylic acid.

In our creams and lotions, we use broad-spectrum preservatives of the highest quality and in absolute minimum concentrations to ensure product safety. All of our products developed without water are free from preservatives.

EVOLU - beauty and care with a clear conscience.