The truth is, we’re made of New Zealand and proudly owned by New Zealanders.

Our Manuka honey comes from the most remote parts of the farthest reaches of the untouched land at the end of the earth.
Our hives, of which we manage 6500, are located from the top of the North island down to the top of the South Island. 99% of our hives are helicoptered in. Free from pesticides and chemicals. Targeting to produce over 200 ton of high active Manuka honey.

Well-founded technical knowledge, high standards and hard work always pay off - we are very proud to present you the highest UMF rating of all time!
RARE HARVEST MGO 1700+ (UMF 31+) is here!

From the beginning

Our story began when The True Honey Co. founder Jim McMillan spotted hills blanketed with Manuka flowers while exploring New Zealand’s breathtaking, remote back country.

It gave him an idea – to harvest, bottle and sell Manuka honey that’s deliciously good, looking after everybody (and every bee) at every step.

Jim and his team searched for the best areas of Manuka bush, building solid partnerships with the people who own the land. This took lots of time spent working together, before a drop of honey could be made. But this process meant that nowadays, wherever we place our hives, you can be sure that landowners are getting a fair deal too.

Just as important was looking after the honeybees. So our hive of industry grew to include clever beekeepers, and artisan honey makers to make sure every pot is delicious with the quality you'd expect from high MGO rated Manuka honey.

These days, as well as making our genuine Manuka honey, we’re sharing it with honey lovers throughout the world, cutting out the middle man, so you get the real deal at a fair price.

We don’t just make honey, we make a set of promises to you, dear honey lover. Because we know you give a damn too:

In safe hands

It’s all ours, until it’s all yours. We only sell authentic Manuka honey – taking care at every step from bee to you that it stays that way.

Out of harm’s way

We’ve always gone to great lengths to make sure there are no contaminants in our honey. Hives are carefully placed in New Zealand’s incredibly remote, green back country – where the air’s clean and the Manuka’s blooming. Good news For bees and you.

Friends, with benefits

To harvest Manuka honey from the best spots, we make sure people who own them get a fair deal. Our relationships are built on honesty, trust and Trueview™ – our own technology that lets landowners keep an eye on the lovely honey being made on their land.

Trees for bees (and us)

We’re fighting climate change, soil erosion and bee decline the best way we know how, by helping landowners regenerate unproductive farmland with New Zealand’s unique native bush and bringing birdsong back.

Authentic origins

We have a deep respect for the role Manuka has played in indigenous Maori healing traditions, combining this knowledge with modern scientific research.

A cast of thousands

The stars of our operation are honeybees. So they get the dedication and attention of a high beekeeper to hive ratio. We also move hives at night for the least possible disruption, and no bee left behind the jar.

Far from anywhere

You can’t tame the honeybee (not that we’d try) – who flies up to 6km each day. Instead, we make sure her flight path takes her through dense stands of Manuka bush, so she can access the highest concentrations of Manuka nectar to make her honey.

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